The Music Group: The English Church Choir

The Choir Master and Organist, Thomas Hoyer, is leading and training the English choir, called the Music Group. The Music Group leads the congregation in hymns, responses, and the Psalm and Gospel verse during the English Mass. We meet for rehearsals every Sunday 1 hour before and 1 hour after the English Mass. We go through the hymns of the day, volunteers take it in turn to sing the psalm or the gospel verse, and we learn songs for the future. Once a month we have a “Music Group Day” on a late Saturday afternoon, where we work in depth with those of the hymns that have three to five part harmony. After rehearsal, we socialize a bit over dinner in the church hall. Every other “Music Group Day”, we stay in the neighbouring school, where we add a few fun games in the gymnasium, and faith education, and we stay overnight at the school – a wonderful time for bonding in the choir.

Our activities also include giving concerts, meetings with other similar choirs for joint rehearsal, and occasionally, we invite music professionals to teach us. We have also recorded some of our favourite hymns as a souvenir for the members when the leave the music group to move on in life.

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The Music Group provides unique opportunities for musicians who wish to develop their skills and to gain experience and confidence in themselves as church musicians. We welcome musicians who play the Guitar, Piano, Flute, Recorder, Tin Whistle, Xylophone, Violin, Percussion, and other instruments. We also need people who can sing. The choir has a few members who are quite accomplished singers and many members who just love singing.