English Mass Ministers

English Mass Ministers
A group of volunteers help out with various tasks relating to the English Sunday Mass. We call them ministers, and the ministries are divided into:
– Liturgy Ministry (readers of the Holy Scripture)
– Communion ministers (distributing the Blood of Christ)
– Sacristan ministers (helpers in the sacristy before, during and after Mass, including Altar Servers)
– Offertory Ministers (helping with the offertory during Mass)

Helping out at Sunday Mass is an honourable ministry that we perform with an attitude of prayerfulness, respect and gratefulness for the Lord’s grace. As a Liturgy minister, you are instituted to proclaim the Lord’s Word through reading the Sacred Scriptures. As a Communion minister you are instituted to administer the Blood of Christ. Although we are all unworthy of these ministries, we can perform them with an appropriate attitude and thereby serve the Lord. This usually result in great joy; joy for being able to proclaim the work of the Lord to the congregation, or joy for being able to administer the Sacred Blood of Christ to members of the congregation !!
The group of ministers meet for coffee/tea and cake approximately every 3 months. At the meeting we coordinate the ministries, and talk about any changes there may be to our routines, and any worries or concerns can be raised and dealt with. If you are interested in helping out with any of these ministries, please contact the ministry coordinator.